The Russian project is designed to reach elderly Russian speaking people living in the area surrounding
The Factory Community Centre. Help them in using services provided, as well as deliver services and programs to
cater for the needs of Russian Speaking residents, organise activities for community to socialise and communicate with
each other; break up loneliness and isolation.

Our services include: information and advice session, news and current affairs discussion, birthday celebrations, outings and excursions, Drop-In facility, interpreting and referral services, advocating on behalf of clients and writing supporting letters, assistance with filling in forms, use of resources such as computer, fax/phone, etc.

The project has been a great success. It provides an opportunity to improve English language skills and computer skills.
Monthly outings, excursions and activities like swimming, walking, Tai-Chi and BBQs promote happiness, well being,
and communication between people, healthy living and exercise.

Lectures on healthy eating and cooking are helping with choosing healthy options and healthy tips, including supplements in the diet. The celebration of events and holidays is the great opportunity to bring people together in joyful and pleasant atmosphere to share traditions and cultural practices.

The majority of elderly Russian-speaking residents are highly educated, qualified people, professionals, ballerinas, piano players, art people, actors, heroes of war, holocaust survivors and inviting honoured guests is the way to recognise their experiences additionally.

We are working in collaboration with other services and departments to connect people. Better understand local needs and inform residents about social planning and service development processes.

The objective of the Russian community support project is to enable Russian-speaking residents to participate equitably in
Australian society as rapidly as possible, integrate within the broader social support network.